Paradise Islands, Belize

Trip Dates:
Jan 18th - 24th, 2020

Trip Origination: 
Belize International Airport

What's Included:
This tropical adventure includes all kayak, snorkeling gear, meals, land transportation, lodging, and the services of fun and experienced Adventures in Florida staff.

$1,950 per person

Be sure to download the Kayak/Touring/
Lodge Gear List
 and the mandatory 
Registration forms.


Day 1 — You arrive at the Belize International Airport where Greg will meet and welcome you to the country. We will be taken to the Tropical Education Centre which is adjacent to the Belize Zoo. The accommodations are forest cabanas situated in the midst of idyllic tropical pine forest. There is a network of interpretative trails and wildlife viewing platforms at your doorstep. The Tropical Education Center has an Interpretive Center where we can explore the diverse ecology of Belize, and is the ideal starting point for the adventure that awaits us. After checking into our accommodations we will enjoy a ‘Welcome to Belize Dinner’ with our Belizean guide team. As the evening unfolds, we can participate in the optional nocturnal tour of the Belize Zoo. This is a great introduction to the jaguars, ocelots, tapirs, and other animals native to Belize.
Accomodation: Forest Cabana
Meals: Dinner

Day 2 — Waking up to the sounds of the tropics is a pure delight with the chatter of parrots and parakeets flying overhead. The fresh morning air scented with tropical blossoms adds to the expectation of an exciting adventure filled day. After breakfast we travel the Hummingbird Route through the Maya Mountains to meet with a boat charter waiting to take us to our first island, Tobacco Caye, on the Southern Barrier Reef. We’ll introduce you to safety in a tropical marine environment and begin teaching the fundamentals of sea kayaking. Safety procedures, group and self-rescues, and touring techniques will be reviewed. We can enjoy a swim or explore the island shoreline. After a tasty Belizean lunch we will paddle over submerged coral reefs, turtle grass beds, and through narrow mangrove channels.
Accomodation: Tobacco Caye
Meals: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Day 3 —  Situated on the Barrier Reef in the heart of the Southwater Caye Marine Reserve we will be ideally positioned to explore the surrounding reefs and cays. Starting with a steaming mug of coffee and fresh tropical fruits we can enjoy an early morning swim or paddle before breakfast. The focus for the morning will be snorkeling and kayaking. Our first snorkeling session begins with a thorough demonstration as well as beginner to advanced instruction on the Tobacco Caye cut and at the outer reef walls. While we are based at Tobacco Caye we also have the option to use Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUPS) instead of kayaks. In the afternoon we’ll paddle to nearby cays to explore the sheltered lagoons and mangrove channels. After an exciting day of exploration and learning, you’ll return for an evening on Tobacco Caye.
Accomodation: Tobacco Caye
Meals: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Day 4 — Start your morning quietly kayaking or Stand Up Paddle Boarding. Gazing south (following the line of breaking waves along the Barrier Reef crest), we will be able to see the next island you’ll be traveling to today – Southwater Caye. After packing the kayaks with our personal gear bag and wishing fond farewells to our hosts we’ll start our day on the water with an introduction to kayak sailing. We’ll paddle and sail your kayaks along one of the most beautiful sections of the Belizean reef system. The waters are shallow and clear and we’ll see a tremendous variety of marine life, including southern stingrays, eagle rays, grouper, nurse sharks, and more. As we make our way to Southwater Caye, and its swaying coconut palms, this is a day you’ll wish would never end. You’ll land your kayaks on the beach, check into our accommodations, enjoy an ice cold drink, and explore the island before a delicious dinner. Later, we can maybe try a little bone fishing on a fly rod or even a night time snorkel session on Southwater cut.
Accomodation: Lodge at Southwater Caye
Meals: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Day 5 — We’ll have plenty of time to kayak, snorkel, fish, and enjoy the scenery and marine life of Belize. We’ll explore different regions of the Barrier reef, including the inner and outer walls, patch and fringing reefs, mangrove ranges, and protected lagoons. For certified diving enthusiasts, we can arrange diving sessions with advance notice. As we explore by kayak, it is not uncommon for the routes to cross those of the fishermen who make their living from the sea. These candid interactions with the locals can be fun and provide us with extraordinary insight into a way of life very different from our own.
Accomodation: Lodge at Southwater Caye
Meals: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Day 6 — Our last day on the cays will be spent paddling to Billy Hawk Caye (in the Blue Ground Range). This is a Garifuna fishing camp where we will have lunch and enjoy an afternoon of snorkeling.
Accomodation: Lodge at Southwater Caye
Meals: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Day 7 — After an early breakfast our water taxi will carry us back to the mainland town of Dangriga where the trip finishes. Any extra luggage that you have stored at our Operations Base will be returned to you. Taxis can be arranged to the Dangriga airport for your connecting flight to the Belize International Airport, or to local bus stations to continue exploring Belize on your own.
Accomodation: N/A
Meals: Breakfast only

Travel Note — For travelers who will be leaving Belize on Day 7, international connections out of the country require a departure after 11:30am. To connect with Friday afternoon departures from Belize a short domestic flight is required. This flight is from Dangriga to the Belize International Airport.

3 Day Extension:
Moho River and Rainforest Exploration

Trip Dates:
Jan 24th - 27th, 2020


Activities: Whitewater Paddling on a Rainforest River, Wildlife, Hiking, Birding, Photography, and Natural History Interpretation.

The Moho River Extension journeys to one of the last remaining untouched regions of Belize.
Embark on an exhilarating three day whitewater paddling trip using inflatable kayaks. You’ll
navigate the rainforest valleys of the Moho River, camp in the jungle, and visit remote Mayan
villages. This trip is ideal for the adventurer who wants to explore the rivers and rainforests of
Southern Belize, experiencing the traditional village life of the Maya people.

Participants on this trip do not need to have river experience. Your guides will provide thorough
instruction on river travel and boat handling skills at the beginning of the trip. This Extension
takes place in a remote rainforest river valley in southern Belize. It involves navigating rapids
and pour-overs as you descend the Moho River. Weather conditions can greatly affect water
levels and may increase the level of difficulty while using the kayaks.

- All itineraries are subject to change depending on weather or safety considerations. Flexibility as our guest and as an international traveler is the key to an awesome experience.

- This itinerary includes flight and hotel package at the end of the trip.


Day 1 — Our meeting point is in Dangriga at 8am. From here we will be driven further south to the Toledo District in the southern Belize jungle. A traditional lunch will be prepared for us in the Mayan village of Santa Theresa. For the next two days we will break contact completely with the outside world and become a part of the mist shrouded rainforest. We’ll follow the Moho River through beautiful canyons and lush rainforest. Each bend of the river reveals its dynamic nature. Our journey takes us along calm meandering waters reflecting the intense green of the jungle. The river carries us over stretches of rapids, pour-overs, and spectacular waterfalls on our descent from the Maya Mountains to the sea. Once on the river, our guides will conduct a brief orientation on the boats and river. We’ll be given as much time as needed to practice our new boat-handling skills so we can safely navigate the rapids and pour-overs. Following the orientation and practice session, we’ll begin our journey along one of Belize’s most beautiful rivers. Travel through pristine rainforests to our first Belizean river camp.
Accomodation: Jungle River Camping
Meals: Lunch and dinner

Day 2 — Rise early and savor the beauty of this idyllic setting before enjoying a delicious breakfast. After packing up camp, we will head off for another day on the Moho River. During the river paddle our Mayan guides and North American leader emphasize the importance of understanding the ecology of the rainforest. They’ll share their unique knowledge of the habits of the wildlife and help us gain an appreciation for the richness of Mayan folklore. When the water levels are ideal, we typically arrive at the second bush camp by mid-afternoon and switch to land based activities. Some of the activities we will have the opportunity to engage in are hiking, birding, photography, and wildlife identification.
Accomodation: Jungle River Camping
Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 3 — As you continue your journey today, we leave the Maya mountains and enter the coastal plain of Belize. The river will begin to meander with quiet pools interspersed with the gentle current. It is common to see a Mayan family along the riverbanks or paddling dugout canoes in these large river pools. Paddling downstream we arrive at the river pullout by afternoon. We will be met  and taken for a final lunch in the Mayan village of Jordan. We’ll then travel back to the coastal town of Dangriga where we connect you with a domestic flight to Belize City and transfer you to the Biltmore hotel for our last night.
Accomodation: Biltmore Plaza Hotel
Meals: Breakfast and lunch. Dinner is NOT included this night.

Note: Participants on this trip do not need to have river experience. Your guides will provide thorough instruction on river travel and boat handling skills at the beginning of the trip. This Extension takes place in a remote rainforest river valley in southern Belize. It involves navigating rapids and pour-overs as you descend the Moho River.

Lodge tours combine a scenic setting and outdoor activities with comforts such as hot showers, a comfortable bed, and fresh homemade meals. Lodge trips are based in riverside cabins, guesthouses, and bed and breakfast accommodations.