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NOV 12-18, 2023

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Florida Caverns Expedition

The Camp

Florida Caverns is one of the few state parks with dry (air-filled) caves and is the only state park in Florida to offer cave tours to the public. The Florida Cavern has dazzling formations of limestone stalactites, stalagmites, soda straws, flowstones, and draperies. The Chipola River and Blue Hole spring provide areas for fishing, kayaking, and swimming.

The Paddle

Fed by numerous springs, this scenic 51-mile paddling trail flows through high bluffs, river swamps and hardwood forests, with few signs of humanity along most of the river. Chipola River is photographer’s delight with colorful fall foliage, spring wildflowers and abundant wildlife. The water alters color from clear gold to an opal-like blue, with crystal clear springs tucked along the river. Limestone bluffs and caves, part of the unique karst geology, add to the unique beauty of the Chipola River.