The Mysterious Blackwater Creek

Katie's Landing
262 Wekiva Park Dr, Sanford, FL 32771

Scheduled Trips: 
Monday-Friday, beginning at 9:00 am.

Private tours are available any day or time for groups of 5 or more.

$100.00 per person

What You Need To Bring:

  • Sun protection (hat, sun glasses, and sun screen)
  • Wear clothes that can get wet and possibly dirty
  • Waterproof camera
Gratuity to the guide is customary and highly appreciated.

Overnight Camping Available for This Tour
$160 per person, per night, Call to reserve.

Tour Overview

The Blackwater Creek is for those paddlers who enjoy a bit more adventure and love serious wilderness. The creek flows through an ancient, maybe prehistoric, cypress swamp. Born on the waters of Lake Norris, the creek stretches for over twenty miles, eventually emerging onto the Wekiva River just upstream from the St. Johns River.

We’ll paddle the last five shady and twisting miles that are absolutely gorgeous. Upon reaching the confluence with the Wild and Scenic Wekiva River, we will paddle 3.5 miles upstream on Wekiva to Katies Landing. Expect to encounter otters, alligators, wading birds, owls, and the occasional black bear.

*This tour is strictly limited to seven people. Participants should be in good physical shape and have had previous paddling experience.

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